What is Uniquely Your Song?

Imagine….. a song with lyrics about you and your loved one. A song written specifically for you, composed, orchestrated, and professionally recorded in a studio, in the style or genre of your choice. What a great way to express your love for someone close to you. Imagine giving this special person one of these songs for their Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, or any other special day. You can have this song on a CD, or as an MP3 file on a flash drive, or even by email. We also offer your song in other forms of players such as a video picture frame, a ring box, or a Teddy Bear.

You can use your personalized song as a personalized gift, express an idea, a totally unique gift, a love song, or a one of a kind gift your loved one has never seen or heard before.

All compositions are original and copyrighted made especially for you or your special someone in the musical style that’s preferred.

Can you imagine the look and emotion on your loved one’s face when they hear their special song? Uniquely Your Song is a most unique and timeless way to say I love you.

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